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This company started its activity in 2015 relying on research and acquiring technical knowledge of artemia processing and in 2017 it entered this basin in a completely industrial way by setting up the artemia cyst processing line.

What is the artemia?

Artemia (scientific name: Artemia) is a crustacean that lives in brackish water. Lake Urmia in Iran, It is considered one of the richest sources of Artemia in the world. Artemia is used in the shrimp and fish industries. More than 2,000 tons of Artemia cysts are traded annually in the world, and Artemia or its cysts in particular are used to feed the neonatal stages of fish, crustaceans and mollusks, and so on.

The price of each kilo of Artemia in the world markets, depending on its quality, is about 120 to 200 dollars



Moisture:  3,3% Crude Protein: 50,21% Crude Fat: 16,5% Crude Ash: 5,4% Phosphorus: 4,87% Sodium Chloride: 0,08% Calcium: 0,74%

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